My Favorite Place in My Hometown

One of my favorite places in my hometown, Panabo City, is the Countryside Diner. I like staying there because of the great ambiance and great food. From the outside you get attracted to get in because of the glass windows wherein you can see the inside having light colors such as beige, white and light brown making a perfect minimal combination. As you get in, you first observe the counter with big mason jars and beside it are vintage stuff like a wooden car miniature and a chest. At the right wall of the counter are miniatures of a wooden ship, a blue windmill, a barn, a red light house, porcelain jars and a lot more placed beside each other in squared holes. Second, you notice the chairs and tables having beige colors wherein my favorite spot is the table at the left corner facing the glass windows wherein you can see the highway with a light traffic and across it is a view of a classic light blue two-story house, a plain yellow house at its left and some palm trees behind it, making your stay there calm. The spot where I usually sit is also convenient because there is a socket beside it in which I always consider whenever I look for somewhere to sit in cafés and diners. Also, what I like in the diner is the white picture frames at the walls with inspirational quotations contrasting the walls having a light brown color. The light yellow lighting inside the diner is another thing that makes it a relaxing place. They also have hanging white lamp-like lights at the front side placed above the high table with high chairs. Lastly, staying there is made better with the soothing mellow music they play. With their minimal aesthetic and delectable food, going back there all over again is a must for me.

In Every Action, There is Always an Equal and Opposite Reaction

Was there a part of your life that you did something really mean that was against the norms of your society? I believe so, you did. Each of us, as we live our daily lives, there are those points that we experience tough times wherein we are pushed to do something mean. It is what we call deviance. In the book of Macionis, it is defined as a recognized violation of cultural norms.

In my 17 years of existence here on earth, deviance had always been there. From lying to my parents, steeling coins, cursing someone, cheating, and the like.

I know all of us or if not all, most of us had experienced those deviant behaviors. Of all of those, one of the most deviant thing that I have done as far as I can remember was when I and some of my classmates wrote messages on our uniforms because that was the last day of our school. We never thought that it will lead to a serious offense in our school. A certain teacher saw what we did thus, we were reported and were called to the guidance office. That was my first and last offensive record in our school. With that we did, we received a formal negative consequence.

With the deviant thing we did, we learned our lesson and never tried to plan or do it again. Thus, with the punishment we received, the school was successful in imposing social order in the institution.

Therefore, in every deviant act, there is always a consequence to maintain social order in a certain society. Deviance may always be there and it may be constant but rules are also always present to regulate peace and order.


Macionis, J. J. (2012). Families. In Sociology [14th edition].

So Long

It has been always been my dream to be a journalist or at least to be a blogger. To post on social media my knowledge and experiences, to share and express myself to the world especially to the teens out there, and also to post pictures and tell a story out of it. It has always been my dream but one thing that has been stopping me is time. I don’t have time to do it because of my hectic schedule in school and also another thing is that I lack believe in myself. I feel like I don’t have the ability or skill to do well at it. Thus, the idea of being a blogger stayed in my mind. It stayed in my mind not until that day we started our sociology class. I never expected that it can happen in school. Submission of assignments or journals through blogs. At first I was excited and happy with it. I felt like I’m the only one who is happy about it in our class because most of them kept on saying that it is so hassle and all but despite those, I still tried to do my best in making my blog posts even though some or most of the topics we were tasked to make were not my interest but still I did my best. To the point that there was a time that I slept at around 4am just making a blog, but it was not the only thing that I made that time. I also made tons of school tasks. Anyway, I had fun in making blogs, though. From the topic of defining sociology to this one, it was fun.  But I admit there were also times that I found it as tiring and hassle but at the end, as I reviewed what I made, it made me feel happy and accomplished with what I have done.

After the 7 blogs that I made, I learned a lot of knowledge through my research. Not just knowledge, but also experience through the blogs, my perspective towards life was somehow affected and changed in a positive way. It affected and honed my sociological perspective and also my writing skills. I was able to see general things in particular stuff especially when it comes to the society; how the people in it act or why things are like this and that.

For 5 months a lot of things had changed. I encountered a lot of experiences and situations which made who I am today. Our sociology class was one big factor of those changes. This may not be formal for a sociology class assignment but I’m going to take this opportunity to thank my number one reader, Ms. June pearl Sarmiento. Thank you for your good and high ratings and thank you also to my readers out there (if there may be any). I guess it will take few weeks or months for my next blog to be posted.

Thank you, and I hope that my blog posts had been good to give you, my readers, knowledge and fun.

What is the Root?

Everyone knows that in a society, the basic unit is the family. It is where each of us come from. It is our foundation as human persons. All of us belong in a certain family. In the race we call life, family is its starting point. It is where we begin in life.

As defined in the book Sociology 14th edition of John J. Macionis, family is a social institution found in all societies that unites people in cooperative groups to care for one another, including any children. Also, family has two classifications; extended family—a family made of parents and children as well as other relatives which can also be called as consanguine family. While the other classification is the nuclear family—composing one or two parents including the children wherein it can also be called as conjugal family.

In our community, or in the subdivision we live in, both kinds of families are present. Our family is composed of my parents, my elder brother and me, wherein it can be classified under nuclear family. The families who live in our neighborhood that I usually know also have a nuclear family. Most of the families in our neighborhood may belong under the nuclear family but still each family is distinct from each other.

In the past 17 years that I have been living in our subdivision, there are a lot of things that I have observed between our neighbor’s family and ours. In the family who lives next to our house, the mother works abroad ever since their children were young, while the father works in a company just in the city. Their family is composed of two children in which both are girls. The youngest one is my friend who also has the same age as me, while the other one is three years older than the youngest. As what I can see, the elder one has a boyish personality in the way she acts and dresses. In my own conclusion and understanding, her personality is caused by the family she is living in. She may not be used by some feminine stuff because her father raised her.

In the case of our family, for me it is just a typical family. Both of my parents are working just in the city and my father sometimes goes out for business. Yes, they usually have small fights but we don’t take it as a big deal.

Both our neighbor’s and our family have a regular size of family, wherein you could really see that family planning was observed. With this, the parents can meet the daily needs of the family and even wants. When there is family planning, lives get better and and comfortable compared to a family who didn’t observe family planning and didn’t even have fine jobs to support the family. Family planning is essential in a community because it regulates the population and the economic status. As what I can observe, most families who didn’t have fine jobs and didn’t observe family planning, get a difficult life when it comes to their needs especially shelter, food, clothing, health, and even literacy or education. For short, it can be a cause of the society’s poverty.


Macionis, J. J. (2012). Families. In Sociology [14th edition].

What If

It was on 27th of June of the year 1998, I was born. That was the time when technology started to highly rise in our country. With that development comes mass media which helps to connect and communicate to the mass of the people. Its means of communication include newspapers, television, radio, and internet.

During my early years, mass media have largely influenced and affected me and also the people around me. I usually spend most of my time watching cartoons, primetime, and movies in television. Mass media was also able to introduce me to music in which I usually hear in the radio because my Dad often play the radio every morning. It was in my adolescent years when internet was vast. With internet, I was introduced to greater informations and mass of people. I was even able to make a Friendster account which makes me connect and socialize to my friends and other people around the globe and until now with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a lot more social media sites. When these social media were first introduced to me, I spent most of my time with these. It was because of its entertainment factor and because I wanted to fit to the latest trend of the society.

Up to this present time, mass media continues to be a part of our life routines. We are able to be informed of the happenings in our community and most importantly in different regions of the world. But despite of the positive things it contribute to us, mass media also have a dysfunctional effect. It makes ourselves isolated and not to socialize personally to the people around us. We are also able to receive erroneous information. It is also because of the large quantity of information present and we are not able to handle it properly, people tend to use it for iniquity. And worst, mass medium is used for violence and poison the mass’s minds.

Mass media influenced the way I think, my life perspective or how I look in things, my attitude and how I behave. It is one agent that formed me who I am now. Without it, our means of socialization will only be limited. Without mass media, I wont be able to know the happenings outside our community or even the things happening within our community. Information wont be available or convenient to reach. Influences from other cultures wont be greatly possible. Our culture will be retained and the way we think, behave and act wont be influenced from people from other regions’ ways. Without mass media, my behavior and how I do things will be purely influenced on the immediate people or community surrounding me, the way I speak and communicate to people won’t be like how I do it now, my fashion sense will not be like this which is greatly influenced by foreign fashion, I won’t be able to know about the foreign music which I admire, I won’t be able to love music not as much as how I love it now, I won’t be able to be enrolled in AB Mass Communication, and without mass media, there would be a different Princess Joy Marie A. Taroza.

How Possible is Impossibe

In a society, there are four basic elements—territory, group of people, culture, and interaction. These four elements bind a society to attain equilibrium. In the Philippines, these elements are present but are diverse from each other which makes our country chaotic, most especially in Mindanao.

In the local film of 2001, “Bagong Buwan” it shows how war wages between the rebels of Mindanao and the military forces. It portrays that there is a conflict between the territory, people, culture and interaction of the two sides resulting to the destruction of the lives of civilian individuals and also the lives of the rebels and military forces.

Mindanao, as the second biggest island of the archipelago has a rich culture where most of the population of Islam in the country comes from. The Muslim community in the film showed how they lived as citizens of the country with faith in Allah and how they strived to have freedom and peace where “Alaikum Assalam” was frequently mentioned in the film which means “peace be unto you”. As Muslims and as settlers of Mindanao, they showed loyalty and love to their land wherein they are willing to surrender their lives for the goodness of its people which shows how Mindanaoans are strong and patriotic. They gave importance to their religion and land making them selfless citizens.

As I reflected in the movie, it struck me because it opened my eyes on how things are happening in some regions of our land and how great our Mindanaoan culture is but because of misunderstandings and diverse points of view in life, these troubles are still arising and is likely to be incurable. When will these troubles end? Can’t our land experience peace despite the diversities we have? Will peace be ever possible?

Why care for SEA Games?

Whenever I hear SEA Games, the first thing that enters into my mind is sports. A competition of the athletes.  A multi-sport event involving participants from the different countries of Asia. I don’t know which specific countries they are, though. I am not really knowledgeable about this event because I don’t play sports and I don’t have interest in them. Some people may not be sporty but still watch and monitor the games. But I’m not that kind of person. Our family is not into sports too and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I don’t have interest in them. Another thing that makes SEA Games known to me, is that Philippines is involved in it, and it’s one of the reasons why I should be aware of what SEA Games really is. I am a citizen of this country, as well and I should be mindful of the happenings around me. Well, so much about myself, let me have a brief discussion on what this SEA Games really is as based on some reliable sources and as we discover the answer to why the Philippines continues to join in the SEA Games.

According to SEA Games Singapore (2015), The SEA Games was conceived as a means to help forge strong regional cooperation, understanding and unity within the South East Asian community. It was established to be a bi-annual multi-sports event to take place between the years when the Olympic Games and the Asian Games were held. The Games were organized by the South East Asia Peninsular (“SEAP”) Games Federation, as it was known then. Reynaldo Santos, Jr. from Rappler Philippines reportd that Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos, South Vietnam and Cambodia the Federation’s first six founding members while Singapore was subsequently listed as one. Less than 18 months after the idea was mooted in May 1958, the inaugural SEAP Games was held in Bangkok from 12 to 17 December 1959. It comprised of the founding countries, 12 sports and 650 athletes and officials. In 1977, the Federation agreed to include three new nations – Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia and Philippines. In line with the new members, the Federation changed its name to the South East Asian Games Federation and the Games were then known as the SEA Games. In 2003, the Federation welcomed its newest and eleventh member, Timor-Leste. Currently, the Games are under regulation of the Southeast Asian Games Federation with supervision by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympic Council of Asia. For three decades and eight years, the Philippines have been joining this Southeast Asian Games garnering a lot of god, silver and bronze medals. The Philippines also hosted the SEAG thrice: in 1981, 1991, and 2005. The country ranked 3rd, 2nd, and 1st, respectively, in those years. It will again host the games in 2025. On years when the Philippines didn’t host the games, the country performed best in 1983, finishing 2nd overall behind Indonesia. The country took home 150 medals – 49 golds, 48 silvers, 53 bronzes.  Three Filipinos were named Most Valuable Player of the Games on 3 different occasions. Awarded best male athletes were Eric Buhain (1991) and Miguel Molina (2007), while named best female athlete was Akiko Thompson (1989). All of them were swimmers.  Track and field athlete Elma Muros was the youngest Filipino athlete to participate in the SEAG, as she was only 14 years old when she joined the 1981 Games in Manila. She is also one of the most medalled Filipino athletes in SEAG history, as she has brought home 15 gold medals. The Philippine basketball team also won the 2007 SEAG championship. And as of this year, the Filipinos continue to join the SEAG having the 6th place in the medal standings today, June 21. (June 6, 2015)

As sports is one part of the colossal and abundant culture of our country, the Philippines aims to help in promoting unity, cooperation and understanding as in line with the SEAG goals through actively participating in the event. The Philippines continues to join the event not only for the athletes,  the country’s pride and fame but it is most especially for the betterment of the citizens of the country. You may not see or feel the relation of the SEA Games to your welfare but as based on sociology, society is the interrelations, connections and adaptations to different status in that society in which you are included. Seeing the bigger picture, through SEAG, we are able to know the truthful form of self-awareness which is not only limited to ourselves. We are able to connect to bigger things or public issues such as this event. Having this quality of mind as a person, we are able to embody and apply sociological imagination. The SEA Games is not only for people’s interest. The SEA Games is not just about sports. Let us see the bigger picture behind this event. The SEA Games is for all of us.


Santos, Jr., R. (2015, June 6). FAST FACTS: Philippines in the SEA Games. Retrieved from SEA Games Singapore. (2015). History| 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015 – 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015. Retrieved from

A study of wireless connection

What kind of society do you belong? What is the collective behavior of your society? How do the institutions in your community from families to political structures and economic development of nations interrelate and impact each other? Who are the members of the society you walk with every day?

You may or may not know the answers to those questions but those queries are essential for you as an individual being in your society to evaluate yourself. The answers reflect on who you are as a person in your community and how you connect with the people around you in your daily life. Thus, it is vital to be knowledgeable and aware on how your society functions. Whereas in knowing these, you are also able to know how sociology works and what sociology is.

Jammie Price, Roger A. Straus and Jeffrey R. Breese (2009) state that sociology is a discipline of study that deals on human group life, communities, and its societies. Sociology can also be considered a way of viewing human behavior that focuses on the patterns of relationships or how people relate among individuals rather than solely the individuals themselves. In a very real sense, all sociology is applied (p. 1). Sociology can be and often is, used to gain a more an elementary or basic understanding of the fundamental aspects of social phenomena. It is also in many ways a public enterprise (p. 2). C. Wright Mills (1959) described the “sociological imagination” as a way of understanding the complex relationship between individual lives and larger social worlds in which they live (p. 1).

Simplifying it, sociology is the study of society and social relationships. It is the culture, economy, development and functions of the society. Sociology also deals with the behavior of institutions inside the society.  Wherein these simplified words are the things we’ve formed during the first discussion of our sociology class. The ideas we formed are similar to the accepted definitions of Sociology but are in a broad way and not as sophisticated as the accepted definitions. Therefore, this indicates that we are knowledgeable of what sociology is.

As we are now aware of what sociology means and how important it is to be studied, I am hoping that for the next upcoming lessons we will encounter in our sociology class, we may be able to broaden our knowledge about the course because I believe that the things we now know about sociology is just a bit of the wide meaning of sociology. Through sociology I anticipate that we may be able to use our learnings in our lives as we deal in our society and fit in the world we live in. Thus, sociology is who we are and the people around us. Sociology is vital to survive and understand life. Sociology deals with you and me. Sociology is the study of a wireless connection.


Steele, S. F. & Breese, J. R. (n. d.). An introduction to doing sociology. Price, J., Straus, R. A., Breese, J. R. (Eds.), (2009). Doing sociology: Case studies in sociological practice (pp. 1-2). Estover Road, Plymouth PL6 7PY, United Kingdom: Lexington Books.

Fate, not luck

It may be just an ordinary date for you but I regard it as the significant date that happened in the entire 16 years of my existence. It was a day of joy, excitement, blessings, delight, and all other possible positive attributes. It was just the greatest day that happened for me.

Midnight of the 27th of June, year 1989 at the southeastern part of the third island of the Philippines, Mindanao, or should I say Davao City,  was when my journey began.  It was the beginning of everything for me. A new life comes to an existence. I was born. I assume, your birth date is also one of the most significant days of your life. Who would hate it, though? It is where everyone of us began and came from. It is the dawn of life. I may be talking too much but this too much is the reality. Life is the greatest thing in this world.

At the far side of that date, I never knew that there’s more special about it. It’s not just about me and my birthdate. It’s more than that and what I’ve known. It’s about Our Mother of Perpetual Help. I would have ever known that on that date lies her feast if not because of our Sociology class homework (Thank you Miss!). And now, things come spontaneously on my mind that I am more than blessed because I was born but because I was blessed to be having the same date of birth and the feast of our ever kind and loving mother, Our Mother of Perpetual Help. I may not be devoted to her but during the times when I’m in need, I come to her and ask for counsel not knowing that her feast lies on the same date as my birth date. I believe it’s not just coincidence, it is fate.

Among Christians, the title “Perpetual Help” is one of the better known titles of the mother of God, especially among the most needy and afflicted who feel the need for love and protection. According to The Redemptorists of the Baltimore Province, the original picture is an Eastern icon that presents the Virgin of the passion, painted to inspire hope and prayer. The Icon of Perpetual Help raises our consciousness of the mysteries of the Redemption in Christ and of the intercession of Mary in favor of those who follow Christ, here in the arms of His Holy Mother. Only with an attitude of faith and prayer can one admire this icon. The expression of Mary’s face is that of a mother who knows pain, and yet, extends her help with serenity and tenderness, as she invites us to obey the will of God, even when we find it in suffering and the cross, and to offer our lives in service to Him and our neighbor as He did unto death.

Yes, she is our mother but still the big question is, why did fate place my birth and her feast on the same date? I may not find the right words to answer the question but it is clear that Mother Mary wants me to discern that whatever life gives, she is always there perpetually helping from the very beginning of my existence. A merciful heart is what I bequeathed from her. A heart that is easily moved. She made the date June 27 an instrument to connect to me as her daughter. To connect to each one of us saying that she is always there from the beginning till the very end.

Truly, Our Mother of Perpetual Help is indeed an icon of compassion, charity and mercy. Let us come to her with a pure and sincere heart, with humility as we reconcile and ask for her guidance because she is our mother and a mother’s love is for eternity, a mother’s love is true love.


The Redemptorists of the Baltimore Province. (n.d.). Our Lady of Perpetual Help | Redemptorist Spirituality | Preaching & Prayer | Redemptorists. Retrieved from